Planning on coming in to shoot at our indoor range? Save yourself some time and fill out our liability waiver.


experienced shooter?

Reserve a lane by calling 650-756-4868


First time shooter or need a refresher?

Schedule a lesson by calling 650.756.4868 and take note of the following:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment, to ensure proper paperwork is filled out and for equipment distribution. All lessons begin at their scheduled time.

  • Be aware that traffic and parking are difficult in our area and to allot time for both.

  • You appointment can and will be cancelled if you can not arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time, you will be rescheduled for the next available session. (This may be on another day.)

  • A liability waiver must be signed by anyone who plans to shoot in our range, no exceptions. The waiver acknowledges personal liability and responsibility for the shooter’s actions and is available here. Please note that after completing the liability form online, a confirmation email from SmartWaiver will be sent to you. 

  • Shooting attire:  we suggest avoiding any top that is loose or can be obstructive. Ideally your face and chest should be clear of obstructions as they can get caught in the bow causing possible injury or damage. This is for your safety and comfort.

  • If for any reason you can not make your appointment we ask for the courtesy of a phone call so we can reschedule or make adjustments. This is for the benefit of other customers and that you are able to receive the full benefit of your appointment without being rushed. So if you wake up and find yourself not feeling well enough to make it to your reservation or if your vehicle breaks down, just give us a ring 650.756.4868