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Bay Area Open

The bay area open is an annual tournament hosted by Pacifica Archery . This event brings in the top shooters from Northern California to compete for a cash payout ranging from $500 to $1000 Dollars for first place, the payout will vary based on participation. This tournament historically brings out mostly Compound Freestyle shooters who are preparing for the World Archery Festival or more commonly known as The Vegas Shoot.

The Bay Area Open is one event in a series hosted by Several Archery Shops from Central to Northern California. Pacifica Archery has Partnered with Impact Archery Clovis, The Spot Archery Fresno, and Wilderness Archery Rocklin. This partnership has made it possible to Promote competitive indoor archery and insure California is well represented on the national and world scene.

Sunday December 15th 2019

Pre Registration Required

Registration is $100 = $25 Registration + $75 Cash Prize Fund

  • Check in / Practice 9:00 am

  • Round One 10:00 am

  • Lunch 12:00 pm

  • Round Two 1:00 pm

  • Elimination Brackets : TBD

  • Format is two 300 Vegas Rounds on 3 spot.

  • Equipment and styles Open Class

  • Payout based on NFAA hand book schedule

  • Flyer coming soon

Bay Area Open Rules

Format & Ranking Round

  • Ranking round one will be one NFAA 300 round on a Vegas face target (X’s will be tiebreaker for ranking).

  • Ranking round two will be one NFAA 300 round on a Vegas face target (X’s will be tiebreaker for ranking).

Championship Shoot Off and Shoot up  

Bay Area Open will only pay out 10 places for 28-30 archers or 9 places for 25-27 archers. 

  • All archers scoring 600 will make the championship shoot off. All archers shooting 599 or less will participate in a shoot up for final ranking prior to the the championship shoot off.

  • Championship Shoot Off:

    • For the first round, a score of 30 or better will move you to the next round, and archers scoring 29 or less will be eliminated

    • For the second round and all proceeding rounds:

      • The lowest scoring participants will be eliminated.

      • All shooters scoring 30 with 3 X’s will advance to the next round.

      • If multiple archers are eliminated in the shoot off, a secondary shoot off will continue to determine rank in championship and all other shooters will continue.

  • The winner of the shoot up will make the championship shoot off.

  • The winner of the shoot up must win the Championship shoot off completely. If not, then the shoot up winner will place last place in the championship bracket.

  • If all participants shoot 599 or less, a standard shoot up will determine the winner and final ranking.

Shoot Up:

  • One round will be shot; the highest scoring archer will proceed to shoot against the next ranked shooter.

  • In the event of a tie, a second round will be shot.

  • If the event of a second tie, a one arrow shoot off, closest to the middle will determine the winner.


  • Standard Vegas Face 300 scoring rules will apply with X-count being used for tie breaking.

  • For efficiency, one person must be designated per bale to be the caller.

  • The caller will mark the shot and if the participant disagrees with the call then a vote will be taken.

  • If there is still disagreement, Pacifica Archery Management reserves the right to make the final call.


  • Absolutely no sky draw is allowed.

  • Archers who interfere, cause disturbance, or practice any unsafe arrow loading practices will be warned, and ultimately disqualified if it continuous.

  • All participants will agree and sign Pacifica Archery Release and Liability Waiver.

For additional questions or clarifications contact Rudy Sandoval Jr